Chakra Balancing Bracelet – Light


Chakra Energy Balancing Bracelet – Light



Our Chakra Balancing bracelets feature Gray Cats Eye beads as the backdrop to the energy balancing semi precious stones used. This provides illumination into areas of our lives we can work on.

Crown – Purple – Amethyst
Third Eye – Indigo – Blue Tigers Eye
Throat – Blue – Blue Apatite
Heart – Green – Bloodstone
Solar Plexus – Yellow – Citrine
Sacral – Orange – Goldstone
Root – Red – Carnelian

All products are Handmade in the USA.

Proceeds of all sales go to support our 501(c)3 NonProfit dog rescue. Our NonProfit is run by dedicated volunteers that receive no salary or compensation. To get involved, fill out a Volunteer Application and join our team!

*Warning: Choking hazard
*We are not medical professionals and none of our products should be used in place of seeking proper medical or veterinarian care. Follow all prescription and medical advice given by actual medical professionals.
*Healing crystals offer support to help heal energy and vibrations and should never replace seeking medical attention.

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8mm 6.5", 8mm 7", 8mm 8", 8mm 6.5", 8mm 7", 8mm 8"

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