Droopy, A Bassett Hound

Droopy is a Bassett Hound that came to our rescue in pretty bad shape.

He had double ear infections, an eye infection, 4 teeth that had to be surgically removed because the decay and infection had gone so far down into the root, and a tumor inside of his mouth. We rushed him out to our vet and had him all fixed up, and the growth sent off for testing.

Unfortunately, the news wasn’t good. Droopy was diagnosed with Intermediate Grade Melanoma. While it appeared that all of the cancer had been removed, the margin was too thin and we had to take him back to have more tissue removed from the area. We also had his Lymph gland aspirated and the fluid sent off for testing. At this time all tests show that Droopy is cancer-free, however without the vaccine his life expectancy is pretty short. If he doesn’t get the vaccine then he has a 25% chance of living past 5 years from when he was diagnosed. If he is able to receive the series of vaccines, then his chances of living past 5 years increases to 85%.

Please donate to help us give Droopy a better chance at survival. GoFundMe.com/SaveDroopy

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