Tommy Gets Political

Tommy Gets Political

In March 2016 we had an adoption event at Kahoots in Ramona,CA. We had two dogs that had applications filled out. The first was Pearl, she went home with her applicants, we left the event went to their home did the home visit and completed the adoption, including payment, medical paperwork and a signed Adoption Contract.

The second dog that went home with an applicant was Tommy. Unfortunately his adoption was never completed and the potential adopter refused to ever give us her actual home address for a home visit, and acted like the $300 adoption fee was a made up amount.  She also went to Kahoots and accused our rescue of criminal activity. We’ve not been able to do adoption events there since.

Why am I coming out about this now? Because the same husband she says told her not to pay for the dog, is running for Ramona planning board. I think people should know who they are electing and how they run their homes.

We have followed all legal avenues required by law and are waiting for our day in court 12/19. But with the elections fast approaching, just felt the need to put the facts out there. Our adoption fees are consistent $300 for adults, $350 for puppies. That includes covering all medical while they are in our care, food, training, etc. if a dog costs us $1500 we still adopt them out for the prices quoted above. There are a few exceptions but those are our standard fees.

Below are the Facebook posts from Tommy’s applicant Jamie LeClair and the original post from our Facebook page showing Tommy’s adoption fees. Additionally, Tommy continues to get out of her yard but because she was served with a notice that she is in possession of stolen property she will only describe him instead of posting a picture.

We’ve repeatedly asked for our dog back, to no avail. We are a 100% volunteer run organization. No one makes any money on a rescue animal. It doesn’t matter if you are an equine, cat, tortoise or any other type of rescue, you simply can’t survive on adoption fees.


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  • Darlene says

    This is so sad! Rescue groups spend an extremely huge amount of money feeding, housing, cleaning and vetting this all their animals. The nerve of this woman to think $300 is too much is crazy! I just had my min pin spayed here in Boston. The bill for the spay… $455 so seriously $300 is a deal for a loving fur baby.

  • Cindi says

    Does she have a kennel license? I believe the county limit is six without a kennel license.

    • says

      That is a great question! Court is in a week, so we are hopeful that we get Tommy back in time for Christmas!

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